Auto Poster Website to Twitter

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Twitter is one of the big social platforms. Twitter uses worldwide.  A lot of people get involved here. There is no boundaries here. For example, you can not make friends more than 5000 on Facebook but has no such rules. You can be followed unlimited friends and followers unlimited too.

Twitter is a great platform for spreading business. From twitter, you can promote your business around the world.

Auto Poster Website to Twitter

So, today we are going to teach you free market tools. By which each post of your WordPress website will be automatically tweet or post to a twitter account. It’s a completely free tools. We will discuss these issues today and see how they are handled.

For this, you need to create an account on IFTTT website. After you log in to your IFTTT account you will have to click on create applet option. Then you have to set the WordPress to Twitter feed. Since setting up the applets, all posts on your website will be tweet on twitter.


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