How to Make Money with Themeforest

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How to Make Money with themeforest

Themeforest affiliate program is one of the popular ways to earn money. Themeforest is a large marketplace in the online world. Themeforest works as a WordPress theme provider. Themeforest has 12000+ WordPress and 7000+ WordPress plugin collection.

Themeforest is one of the leading marketplace. ThemeForest runs its affiliate program through Envato. Envato is a popular place to sell WordPress theme and plugin. The Envato affiliate program operates through various websites. such as code canyon, photo dune, video hive, Audio jungle, 3DOcean, and graphics driver, etc.

How to Make Money with themeforest

Envato helps you earn money through the ThemeForest affiliate program. You will receive a 30% commission from every successful sale. When the referred person makes a payment deposit, you will receive a commission. Your minimum payout will be $ 30. Your cookie length will be 30 days.

It’s easy to earn money from the ThemeForest affiliate program. For this, you need to start a ThemeForest affiliate program business. If you are new to this, surely you want to know how to join the ThemeForest affiliate program. The ThemeForest affiliate program runs through Envato.

So you have to join Envato first if you want to earn from the ThemeForest affiliate program. First, you have to visit the theme forest affiliate program site. You have to register there. Then you have to click on create an Envato link. Then you have to enter your name, address, website, country, currency, etc. Then you have to go to the next page and enter the URL, Email, etc.

Then you have to fill up the tax details. If you don’t have it, you’ll skip. This way you can open an Envato account. From Envato, you can sell a WordPress theme and plugin of ThemeForest, through ThemeForest affiliate program.   You will get an affiliate link for marketing the ThemeForest products. You will receive a commission if anyone purchases any of these products.

Themeforest is a popular WordPress theme provider. This is one of the best affiliate programs. I suggest you join the ThemeForest affiliate program if you want to earn money online.  You can earn huge money by promoting ThemeForest themes and plugin.


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