How to Publish a Blog Post on WordPress Website

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Do you want to know how to earn money by WordPress blogging? Do you know how to post to a blog? Don’t worry we will teach you how to post from WordPress blog.

What is a blog?

A blog is a social community. Such as website. Through a web blog, you can share your life story, business experience, various information. Which the world will see. With this, you can expand yourself in different ways.

How to Publish a Blog Post on WordPress Website

How to earn with a blog website?

You can earn by creating an informative blog and distributing your research or research information to people.   There are many advertisers who can advertise on your website. As a result, any visitor to your website will also see a promotion ad while viewing the information you provide. Through which your earning will generate.

How to publish a post on your WordPress website?

First, you need to access your website wp-admin panel. Then select the post option. After selecting the post option, you have to click Add new option. Then you have to fillup some options carefully. Then you can publish it.



blog title


blog description


blog tag


blog category

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