How To Transfer Website To A New Host

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What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting allows individuals or organizations to connect to their individual websites online. This website is hosted or stored on a computer we call servers. Each of these addresses is set to find the websites we call web addresses. We use a web browser to visit these web addresses.

How To Transfer  Website To A New Host

How To Transfer Website To A New Host?

This is the case with a website owner all the time. Because the hosting server changes for a variety of reasons. If there is a problem with the hosting company, there is a problem with the speed of the website, or if you do not get any specific service, then your hosting server will be changed. This work is done very seriously.

Because a website has a lot of data. If this data is missing, your website may not be fully operational. For this, you need to be very aware of data backup during hosting transfer. After taking the data backup you will need to restore it to your new hosting.

I show you how to move files using the file manager and how to backup and restore a MySQL database.
Manual Database Export on Old Host:

  1. Go to Cpanel.
  2. Databases.
  3. Phpmyadmin.
  4. Click on the database name.
  5. Click on export.
  6. Quick.
  7. Format = SQL.
  8. Click Go and Download file.
    Then Create Database and User on New Host
  9. Open Cpanel.
  10. Databases.
  11. My SQL Databases.
  12. Now enter the database name, and click create a database.
  13. Click go back.
  14. Now create a database user, enter a password and click create user
  15. Click go back.
  16. Join the user in the database.
  17. Select user, select database and click add.
  18. Select All Privileges and click make changes.
  19. Click Go back.

    After that, you have to change DNS. Only then you can succeed.

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