My story of being a freelancer 2020

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My brief introduction:

I am an Engineer Sanowar Hossain. I have completed my graduation from the European University of Bangladesh in Computer Science Engineering. Currently working as a freelance web developer and mobile application developer in Upwork. I’ve done a few things at people-per-hour, and Fiverr.because of busyness, I no longer have to work in all marketplace. Just work regularly at Upwork.

Here’s the Story of my Freelancing:

When I finished the H.S.C exam, I was interested in freelancing. But there was no such opportunity to learn. There was no freelancer around me. Once I found a big brother he was a freelancer. I heard that they make a lot of money by freelancing. Then I went to them to learn to freelance. But they told me they couldn’t teach me because they were too busy. But they gave me an offer that I could learn to work, to do their job if I wanted.  I agreed to their proposal. They first taught me how to open a Gmail account and I used to open many Gmail accounts every day.

Then after a while, I was taught social bookmarking. I did social bookmarking for a long time. Then he taught me some other ways to backlink, and I kept doing them. I used to do these things for free, I didn’t take any money. In about 3-4 months I got a good sense of SEO work. When I started working, there was not so much marketplace. There are some marketplace then, such as Odesk and Elance are famous.

It didn’t feel good anymore, they used to give me their work but didn’t pay any money. I decided I would do it myself. So I open an account in ODesk, then create a nice profile. At one stage of the profile creation skill test is required. At that time, I was studying slowly online and giving a skill test. Once a skill test fails, it can be given again after one month. It took months to pass some skill tests. I completed the profile and applied the job. After 6-8 months I have got my first job. In the beginning, I worked at 1 dollar rate per hour but now I work at $ 50 an hour.

My story of being a freelancer 2020
My story of being a freelancer

The Feelings of the First Job:

When I got the job, I gave up the hope of freelancing. After getting the first job, it seems that the goals of life are about to be fulfilled. The dream seemed real.

Freelancing Profession Feelings:

Freelancing is a risky and challenging work, this job has a passion. Whoever gets this addiction once, will not be able to stop anyone from being a freelancer.

Freelancing is the story of moving forward:

By freelancing I have been able to meet all the needs of my life. Today I finished my studies through freelancing. Today I am a B.S.C Engineer. Through freelancing, I pay for my family. My life is now being handled beautifully and simply, which would not have been possible without freelancing.   Life is made easier because of freelancing.

Increase Skill in doing Freelancing:

When I started working I knew nothing but SEO work. Learning to do freelancing is very interesting for other jobs but due to lack of resources, it becomes very difficult to learn. That’s why I had to learn advanced level tasks by watching a lot of blogs, video tutorials, and so on. I learn web development through various courses online. And later I paid a course from BITM. In addition to web development, I also work and learn about graphics.

After some time I do a professional course on the mobile application. Because there are many types of jobs in the market, where skill is required. Freelancing requires a lot of patience and a good sense of the world. So that you have a sense of everything. You need to have very good ideas about each technology, Where’s going and what’s being used. You have to have a good sense of how things are going.

The key to Freelancing:

If you wish, success will come. Anything you want from the mind is definitely available. But you have to ask for it. However, you have to ask for all the entities you want. If you feel that you stick to your life goals, then the goals will be fulfilled very soon.


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