WordPress Theme Customization

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Theme Customization

What is Theme?

Theme is a design framework. Through which, a thing is designed. Some themes are selected depending on the structure. We will discuss these issues today and see how they are handled.

How can you select e theme for a website:

In order to select a theme for a website, there are some features to keep in mind.   First of all, you need to decide what your website might be like. Such as blogs, business, newspapers, forums, video tube style, etc. Each category has a different design structure.   Because the function and structure of each category are different.

Theme Customization

Theme customization:

In order to implement a website in your brand, you must customize the theme you choose. There are certain parts to the theme customization, where you can make your own changes. Some of the important parts of these topics are discussed below.


The header is used to access your website’s menu bar and your website’s logo.


On the sidebar, you can run a category of content and any promotion for the benefit of the visitor.


  At the footer, you can put your developing info and your website’s policy pages.


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